At A Star Dance & Performing Arts we believe that everyone can be a star.

We are talking about shining bright from within and being the best that you can be.

With class for children (from 18 months old) all the way up to adults we  understand that starting up classes (or perhaps moving to a new studio) can initially be overwhelming. Just take a deep breath and know that we are here to help you every step of the way.

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The first step to take is to find out about the classes we offer. We've divided these into age groups. Our online system calls the age groups "Stars".
Bebe Stars: 18 months - 3.5 years old
Twinkle Stars: 3 - 5 years old
Glitter Stars: 5 - 8 years old 
Rising Stars: 7 - 12 years old
Shooting Stars: 11 - 16 years old
Shining Stars: 15 - 20 years old

Scroll down to the picture below and click on the age group  that best suits.

step 1 - find out about classes

Bebe Stars: 1.5 - 3.5 years

Twinkle Stars: 3-5 years

Glitter Stars: 5-8 years

Rising Stars: 7-12 years

Shooting Stars: 11-16 years

Shining Stars: 15-20 years

Adult Classes: 18+

The next step is find out where we are located. We run classes at multiple locations around Adelaide. Our main locations are "A Star Dance" at Glandore and Collinswood.

Scroll down to the next picture and click on the locations that are most convenient to you. This will take you to the classes we run at each of the locations. 

step 2 - where are we

Summer holidays are almost here and we'll be running dance classes and dance & craft sessions.
There will be dance classes as well as 3 hour Dance & Play Sessions (we call these BAMMs - Books, Art, Music, Movement). 
Just keep scrolling to find out further information about our Summer program.

Book now for holiday classes
A Star Dance
650 South Road, Glandore

Book now for holiday classes
Brighton High School
305 Brighton Road, Brighton 

Book now for holiday classes
 Marion RSL
 31 Norfolk Road

Book now for holiday classes
 Grange Sailing Club
419 Seaview Road, Henley Beach

Book now for holiday classes
 Grange Uniting Church: 5 Beach Street, Grange

Book now for holiday classes
Druid's Hall:
2 Cassie Street, Collinswood (just off North East Road)

Dance classes at Grange Uniting Church: 5 Beach Street, Grange

Dance classes at Grange Sailing Club
419 Seaview Road, Henley Beach

Dance classes at Marion RSL on Tuesday 25 January at 31 Norfolk Road

Dance classes at Campbelltown on Friday 21 January at 607 Lower North East Road

Dance classes at Brighton - Saturday 29 January at 305 Brighton Road

Dance classes at Underdale - Monday 31 January at 302 Henley Beach Road

We would like to thank you and all your support people for such a wonderful performance on the weekend. You have worked tirelessly with such patience and nurturing attitudes to develop all of the girls you teach. I'm sure all of them love you the same way my girls do. It was a delight to see all the girls, not just mine, but I was very proud of Claire and Isabella, dance with such self-confidence and poise. We have been so lucky to find you and your ballet school, to open the door to the joy of dance to my daughters and also Bryce. I'm sure he has his love of music and dance from your 'Mum and me' classes attending in vitro and as a small baby. It has been a privilege to have you in our daughters life and given them a wonderful creative outlet to explore the performing arts.                                                                                      Ursula


Dear Miss. Bianca, all the beautiful Ballet Teachers Miss. Maria, Miss. Tessa, and all Staff, I do not normally feel compelled to send e-mails to people or businesses, however as a first time 'dance mum' I have been so impressed with how everything is run and organised. When I first called to enquire about classes for my daughter Grace, the lady I spoke to was helpful and sent follow up information for us to attend an introductory holiday class. At this class we were met with the most cheerful and welcoming Ballet teachers I knew immediately you would be a great fit for my daughter. When we started Grace struggled to separate from me and it was suggested we change to a class where I could be in the room for her to gain confidence. This proved to be a great move and a wonderful suggestion as she did gain confidence, she enjoyed participating in class and feels comfortable with her Ballet teacher. Grace is now at the point where she asks me not to enter the room! I would like to thank Miss. Bianca for her support in developing Graces confidence through her kind, caring and beautiful personality. I also want to thank everyone for organising the all the concerts. I could not even imagine all the hours that went into organising all the costumes, timetables, staffing, venue hire, accessories, theatre stall, ticketing, online information and more, for all your students and families. As a non-tech head, I have easily downloaded and managed the team app for info and updates and been so impressed with the efficiency of relevant information via the app and e-mail. I want to thank you for having the concert accessories available to purchase at the theatre rehearsals, so convenient having everything I need right there. We greatly appreciate the incredible efforts of all involved to put on this performance for our ballerina and our family to enjoy. Grace was so excited to perform and we are so proud of her. I believe you are all offering a quality Ballet experience with a caring and nurturing approach. We will be recommending you to our friends.

- Kate

I'd like to express my sincere thanks for such an amazing concert on the weekend. My daughter performed on Saturday. I must admit I was very nervous as it was her first time performing this year but she absolutely loved it. We were so proud of her. I'd like to pass on my thanks to all of the ballet teachers/staff who made it such a smooth experience for us. A huge thank you to Bianca, she did an amazing job and made my daughter feel safe and comfortable. Even when we were waiting for the concert to begin, my husband and I felt very comfortable knowing that she was backstage and in safe hands. All of the work that contributed to the concert was very well managed and it definitely showed.

- Lisa

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